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​located In Anping County---the Famous Hometown Of Wire Mesh, Which Is An Advanced Enterprises Specialized In The Producing And Exporting Steel Grating,Steel Grille,Trench Grating,Steel Stair Treads, Grating Clamp Etc Products. With The First-class Product Quality, Good Corporate Reputation, Stable After-sales Service
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In the industry for 20 years, accumulated a large amount of production experience, and continue to make progress for
customers High quality, cost effective steel grating products


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High quality, cost-effective product quality assurance

Independent production by manufacturers, excellent quality
* 20 years of industry experience to create efficient and reasonable process in the industry
* Strong R&D capability is always the source of sustainable development of 200 million
* Committed to the research, development and testing of new products
* The style of the peer leader is not only reflected in our micro-processing of details
* Performance at all times adhere to technological innovation, always at the forefront of industry technology

Fast delivery, full tracking, on time delivery

Every step of production and supply is meticulous
* Never shoddy, provide sufficient supply and high quality materials for purchasing units
* Arrange full-time quality inspectors to carry out follow-up inspections on each single item
*The first time the order is received, produced, stocked, shipped, never delayed
*Complete the task according to the delivery time of the purchaser according to quality and quantity

Pre-sales and after-sales service tracking

Professional service team with 24-hour fast response service
* Complete project tracking at any time, solve after-sales problems at any time, relieve your worries
* Regularly returning work quality every year, after-sales service makes you comfortable
* Regardless of whether the quality of the project is found during the warranty period, timely repair and treatment
* Professional service team, one-on-one technical guidance, to provide you with professional technical services
The completion of every project is a crystallization of feelings and art.
Every requirement of the customer is an important basis for our design.

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Excellent quality stems from professional technology, and the double-billion steel grid creates
the leading brand in the industry.

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  • Pultruded FRP Grating for Stair Tread

    Fibreglass stair treads have consistently reduced accidents in all types of industries. Fibreglass stair tread's proven gritted, maximum anti slip surface has one of the highest degrees of slip resistance ever measured for a walking surface, especially in wet and oily areas.

    Fibreglass stair treads integral gritted top non-slip surface provides long lasting worker protection. 

    Fibreglass stair treads are produced from a grating mesh which allows oils and other liquid to pass through, leaving the embedded gritted surface to virtually eliminate slipping.

  • FRP/ GRP/ Fiberglass Grating for Walkway

    FRP Molded Grating is made of vertical and horizontal continuous fiberglass fully soaked in unsaturated polyester resin giving perfect bi-directional mechanical properties. 

    Combining unmatched corrosion resistance with strength, long life and safety, Molded Gratings provide the ultimate in reliable performance, even in the most demanding corrosive conditions. 

    Besides it is easy to cut and install. We offer the widest selection with panel sizes ,colors and slip resistant surfaces, Clients can avail FRP Gratings suiting your specific requirements.

  • Sanded Molded FRP Grating for Walkway

    Molded grating Applications:
    Chemical Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Brewing & Distillery, Air Pollution Control, Marine/Offshore, Processing Plants, Pigments & Dyes, Caustic & Chlorine, Petrochemical Plants

    Oil Rigs, Fisheries, Agricultural, Food Processing, Chemical Fertilizers, Pulp & Paper Mills, Power Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants.

    Molded fiberglass grating provides a cost effective solution and long lasting performance for many industrial and recreational applications. Fiberglass offers superior strength and durability in corrosive environments compared to traditional metal grating.

  • Grit Top Molded Grating for Stair Tread

    Advantage of FRP GRP fiberglass molded grating
    1. chemical resistance, non-rusty, long time using, free mantance.
    2. Flame resistance.
    3. Insulation, Non-magnetic
    4.Have silght elasticity. can reduce people's fatigue, improve comfortable and improve work efficiency.
    5. Light weight, high strength, easy cutting and install.
    6. The color can customzied.
    7. The size flexible and diverse forms.

  • Plain Standard Galvanized Steel Grating

    The open mesh steel grating is a flat panel with a light structure firmly welded together. It is widely used for industrial ladders, decking safety, ventilation ceilings and floors, platform and stair tread protection panels. 

    The open spacing design instead of solid metals allows good ventilation, and easy flow of lighting and heat. The standard sheet size is 1m x 6m standard type (special size and American standard size are also customizable).

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